Ferrous Sulphate

Ferrous Sulphate

Ferrous Sulphate is chemical powder used in cattle and poultry feed supplement. It is demanded across the world market and is applicable agricultural, pharmacy and fertilizers industries. We are reliable organizations to provide Ferrous Sulphate Powder to our valuable clients, which is famous for its purity. Ferrous Sulphate manufactured by Noor zinc is available in different packs, as per need in the market. Ferrous sulphate is the chemical compound (FeSo4). It is for the iron deficiencies and industrial application. Feso4 is easily dissolved in water. Ferrous sulphate is used to fortify foods and to treat Iron deficiencies. It is easy to mix. Its cost is effective. It is safe to keep for longer time. Ferrous sulphate is mainly supplied from Gujarat, Maharashtra, South India. There are two categories of ferrous sulphate and Monohydrate / feed grade and heptahydrate which are formulated with high quality raw material.


  • Refineries
  • Hotels
  • Military Base
  • Cosmetics and Food industry


  • Additive for Animal Feed
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Treatment of hazardous vast
  • Cement Industry

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